Sermonem: Mga Bulong ng Panahon

“Sermonem” features spoken word artists Zuela Herrera and Jonel Revistual of Words Anonymous together with the Coro San Benildo The performance invites everybody to be united in unmasking truth in our society through art. Sermonem awakened my mind and soul about our society — how unjust and inhumane our society has become in fighting the war on drugs. Extrajudicial killings in our country became normal, and even due process of law is being neglected. I never expected our country to be like this — a horror to our poor fellowmen. Sermonem instilled in my mind that no matter how strong one’s love may be, it is bound to end. The love of girl was just like the love of Jose Rizal, they died for their minamahals. Anyway, Coro San Benildo really did an exemplary job in their performance. I was in awe from start to end, because of their performance. Sermonem awakened me to the truth in our society, and made me proud that I am a Benildean.

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