Good afternoon! I have looked back on previous entries that I have written, and I notice that all of them are positive and making all of my readers think my exchange has been nothing but a happy journey. I don’t doubt that I have had a happy journey so far, but I have also had some struggles along the way that was expected of. Today, I thought I would share some of those struggles with you and how I delt with them.

A couple months after I started school, it started to go downhill for me. A group of boys in my class started to cat call my name over and over again. It got to the point where it was starting to affect my ability to try to understand and follow along with school work. I talked to one of the teachers that I got close with over the months, and she talked to them. Thankfully it stopped. I wasn’t to irritated about them cat calling at first because I sort of understood why. I was entering their class in second semester, I was foreign and didn’t speak the language very well. I’m thankful that it stopped and I moved on from it.

Since the holidays came and are now over, many people have asked me if I was feeling homesick at all, and if I wished I was back home with my family. I didn’t end up replying to those people who asked me because I didn’t know what to say. It wasn’t as simple as replying yes or no. Yes, I did miss my family around that time because it was my first time being away from home around the holidays and was celebrating the same holiday but a completely different tradition. I missed those traditions back home that I always was used to celebrating each year. No, because I knew things were going to be different signing up for this exchange, and I was prepared for that. I was ready to celebrate a different tradition, but their was still culture shock like I explained in my last entry. I face timed my parents on Christmas and was happy to see them and talk with them after months, and that didn’t make me miss them more. It made me feel supported and loved even more. I realized that yes I miss my family and they miss me too, but that isn’t a feeling I need to be sad about.

I have had some struggles along the way, but I have grown stronger from these struggles by learning how to deal with them.

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