Dove’s Real beauty sketches campaign is an image booster to many.

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Do you believe you’re beautiful??

I cant belive when the whole world is staging around products that make you beautiful. Dove with the latest campaign moves the stage and changes the way we think. Doves campaign is hard hitting self realisation and image booster to all those women who lack confidence.

80% women with the routine don’t feel that they look beautiful. Especially when they are different stages of their life. They realize that looking beautiful is important aspect of their life but what they don’t realise that we undervalue our own beauty. Every women really need a boost in their self esteem. Dove Real beauty sketches campaign targets the need and connects it perfectly.

Dove conducted a beauty experiment, they called a trained FBI forensic expert Gil Zimbora behind the curtain who drew portrait of 7 women based on the description. Each participant would describe themselves along with they would describe another women they met.

Tim would draw another picture of the same women from other women perspective. The participant would be called and shown 2 portrait. In most of the cases the Sketches based on the other woman’s perspective turned out to be beautiful. The 2 portrait would be placed side -by side for comparison. After seeing the sketches based on the other woman’s perspective. They felt that they have never realized how beautiful they are naturally and one must appreciate their own self.

I loved the campaign because it takes every women to the experience of defining the natural beauty. You can relate and connect at the same time. Dove Campaign works on women insecurities and how they perceive themselves as compared to how world sees them. The tagline captures the attention of the women with video experience. Dove has gone beyond proving about their products and captured the women self-esteem issues. Since women have stopped seeing natural beauty as part of confidence builder.