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Lucky to be alive

Thursday, 4 April, wake up, have a shower and a........ wait a minute, why is there no hot water for my shave?


Once again, I’ve decided to have a little play around….. This time with my PC.

Attempt number 4 is not looking so good either…

Originally published at on February 28, 2014.


Rehearsals rehearsals rehearsals 

Dear Actor,

Congratulations on getting the part you auditioned for, you obviously love the arts and…

Dear Filmgoers 

It’s better when it’s live

Don’t get me wrong, I love going to the cinema as much as the next guy, however, you can’t beat the feeling of watching the…

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Nexus 5 Rumours

When will it be released? How much will it cost? What will the specs be?

We don’t fucking know! Just wait and find out!

Before I die

This is a bucket list, and subject to change at any time. I shall comment whenever I complete an item from the list.

R.I.P. Live Theatre

Are we seeing the slow, agonising death of local amatuer dramatic societies?

I have been involved, some way or another, in amateur…

Rehearsals at a Standstill

Not many things stop a rehearsal, but this certainly did.

A good friend of mine had asked me to help him rehearse his lines for the…

Windows Bloody 8

Why couldn’t they have just kept it simple?

I recently managed to get myself a new laptop, which had Windows 8 pre-installed on it.

Keep Up The Good Work

Medium leads the way in design

Well, look who decided to mimic Medium’s profile design.

To Chrome(book) or not to Chrome(book)?

The internal struggle I’ve been battling with for months

This a question which has plagued me for a while now.