Harry Potter” has always been a book about children and their adventures, and while seeing the grown-up lives of favorite characters is great, their roles could have been downplayed more to allow Albus and Scorpius to really shine, to be more like the maternal Molly Weasley from the original books
“Cursed Child” is a perfect addition to the timeless series
Karan Nevatia

I would have to disagree here. If JK Rowling was intending to write a further 7 books about the next generation of wizards, then I’d say yes. This book/script is an extension of Harry’s story, therefore Harry and Co. Should remain prominent.

Harry Potter and the cursed child

Gave me everything I wish for from the script. It gave me an insight into what Harry, Ginny, Ron, Hermione and even Snape’s lives are like 19 years on. It also showed me how no matter how unlike your kids may appear, deep down your characteristics will shine through.

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