I’ve been torn about responding to this.
Meghan Spencer

There have been many black women in history that have established their revolutionary visions as being race first. Being race first is the mindset that most black women have in my experience; those who don’t subscribe to 3rd wave feminist (intersectional) approaches. Black women, men and Queer people are subjugated as a collective because of our race, and the impact of inter-generational suffrage. Black men don’t possess or control ANY systems of oppression that can oppress anyone, much less black women. Black men possessing maleness and/or masculinity has never been a benefit to us; history shows that not only has Black men’s maleness been a deterrent from their advancement in the United States of America, but black manhood continues to be stigmatized; providing the state with ample opportunities to oppress, murder and violate black men and the humanity we possess (Trayvon, Mike Brown, Eric Gardner etc..) Once again, this isn’t an opinion, it’s a historical fact. Arguing black men benefit from patriarchy because of maleness is ahistorical — which once again, is supported by historic and contemporary evidence and the daily lives of black men.

I would argue Black women as a collective have enjoyed more freedom within our communities than any other demographic of women; resulting in many male and female black scholars arguing that historically the black community has been based on matrilineal and matriarchal practices more so than patriarchal. Once again, black men have never had the means, motivation, and/or ability to oppress black women systematically.

Black people can never be integrated within white society, nor should we have the desire to be. Which is why intersectionality will be a 21st century failed attempt at so-called integration — showing the black community still we hasen’t learned from the failures of the Civil Rights movement. White women in 2017 proved the lies of intersectionality when collectivity over 60% of them (educated and non-educated; rich and poor) voted for a white supremacist and chief named Donald Trump. Even white women who identified as independent and Liberal voted for Trump; displaying that in a system of white supremacy valuing race over womanhood is essential. The same can be said about white “Gays/Lesibians for Trump” who valued race over Queerness and their so-called ‘intersections’ of oppression that they possess. However, It’s wrong for black people to prioritize and center their blackness?

I’m focused on creating black systems within the black community, not looking for crumbs off the floor — which is what desegregation — not so-called integration — has ultimately regulated black people to within the United States of America. Intersectionality and Feminism are mainstream (white) approaches to black activism — which is why white women and white Liberals support them as theologies and prop up select black scholars, social commentators, social media activist etc. to push these various ideologies. They possess no substantial threat to white supremacy or this country's power structure that is based on a hierarchical and racially based caste system. Helping white Liberals feel like victims instead of oppressors. Liberalism, intersectionality, Feminism etc. will not bring freedom and/or justice to black people as a collective. These approaches will simply prop-up a select(ed) group of bourgeois negroes who have elitist mentalities (tokens.) Black Nationalism and Pan-Afrikanism are the only revolutionary approaches that will bring freedom, justice and equality to black people across all spectrums of race, class, gender and sexuality.

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