Apple Pencil and Nebo Changed my Computing

I’ve been a big fan of the iPad Pro and the Apple Pencil ever since they came out. I like the smart keyboard when on the road and a seven year old Apple bluetooth keyboard when at home. I thought I had found the perfect combination.

I am not an artist, I peaked in seventh grade and my skills degraded rapidly for more half a century. But the Apple Pencil delights and fascinates me.

I was a Mathematician, much of my work involved working with pen and paper. For a number of years I also kept a journal, in consequence I have hundreds of partially filled notebooks. When I got the iPad and apps like Good Notes and Notability it was great to take neat notes again. Typing notes, particularly if they involve equations, is tiresome. And GoodNotes had a killer feature — it could search handwritten notes and convert those notes to text. I thought I was set. But then I discovered Nebo. Nebo can convert handwriting on the fly and it can convert mathematical expressions from scribbles into typeset equations. In addition, Nebo turns rough drawings into slick diagrams.

All this is nice, but what it really means is that I don’t need to carry a keyboard and I can write in comfortable positions. I can do things on my iPad I could never do on a computer. Not that I never use a key board; I still use them all, on-screen keyboard, smart keyboard, blue-tooth and Apple Pencil; but Nebo lets you do things that are impossible on a laptop.

Now I am a writer and prefer to take notes and make drafts in longhand. Now I can do that and convert my writing to text to include in other documents without retyping.

Nebo works best if you write legibly. It is not hard to correct your mistakes but if you try to hurry you will spend a lot of time proof reading and correcting.

If you have an iPad Pro and Pencil, give it try.

Nebo is made by myscript.