Fine Tuning and frequencies

Tuning upside down ❤ yoga pants by St. Malandra ❤

I woke up this morning with an insight. I really want to share it with you dear reader. It brought along a sense of freedom to my spirit and somehow everything clicked…Nothing new under the sun but as an oriental practitioner I like repetition.

I see us as beautiful instruments. We vibrate at different frequencies. What ever we do in life either aims consciously or unconsciously at tuning ourselves. Most people want to be happy and healthy. If they don’t it serves them for some reason. Can you hear your own beautiful melody?

When I studied Comparative Religion some twenty five years back I came across the Taoist concept Wu Wei. Going with the flow. Doing with or for yourself and not against. With yourself means with the laws of nature. Everything after that has just been a repetition of Wu Wei in different frequencies.

I love food. Food done with passion, love and beauty. Nothing beats food with fresh organic ingredients from local farmers. Simple. It is an honor to have food cooked intentionally to raise the spirit. A lovely white fish with some fresh vegetables and a glass of slightly sparkly dry white wine. It is like a hymn for my soul. And what an enlightened evening follows such a dinner.

We are what we eat. This I learned from my dear Shiatsu teacher, Jukka-Pekka Lilja years back. He taught me about the energy of different foods. Some are uppers and some are downers. They all affects the inner organs in different ways. I think this is unique to everyone. I am an O+ blood type and I feel quite fine with game meat. Someone else might feel fine with only vegan food.

I am on a special diet for four weeks called Cell reset. I only eat protein and top quality vitamins, minerals, amino acids, detox-tea. Being ascetic with eating always brings me clarity. We are so addicted to sugar, carbs, salt, comfort food, alcohol etc. When you take them away from your diet, you are at the core. Raw and full of inspiration and wisdom. In our core it is quiet and peaceful. I have used Fitline supplements for three years now and feel their energy. When I was pregnant and breast feeding my three youngest children I used them as well. And that made all the difference.

If we look through the lenses of the five elements. Wood, fire, water, earth and metal. We are a mixture of those and some of us are more metal, some more fire etc. I always felt that my energy was fast and high. I have lots of fire in me. When I was young food was not my thing, like some of my kids. I lived on the spirit. I had a tendency to fly which is more balanced after having four kids. I was always sensitive to the frequencies of other people and surroundings. I always tried to tune the environment around me. And to tune myself from within. I was drawn to softness and beauty. I still love to surround myself with it.

I have come to the awareness that nothing on the outside can really affect our inner peace. Yet I really prefer to surround myself with my tribe. People that vibrate similar and we tune each other. Love for me is the greatest tuner. I call myself a servant of love. Sometimes it even makes me mad. Being mad is just being full of light. Very light. Many people are not used to so much light or fire. And they fear it. I have had the privilege to follow and learn from my oldest son about high frequency light. He can sometimes be faster than light. He has also always been sensitive to the vibes of others.

Lets look at flowers. Fragrances are different frequencies. I love roses. The yellow-pink roses have a scent that is delicate and high in frequency. Different flowers vibrate different and bees are the masters of vibrations. It is similar with clothing. Clothes done from fine natural fabrics bring us more health than the cliches done by child labor. It is an honor to wear clothes done by a designer you know. I really appreciate yoga clothes by St. Malandra.

When I was teaching laughter yoga, I introduced the energy of different substances to my students. For example the car engine laughs in a certain way. Whisky vibrates different to champagne. Pork laughs different than a chicken. This is all the same, I did not just put it together yet.

Lets look at drinks. Lemon water cleanses the liver. The feeling after a glass is like a breeze of fresh air. The quality of water is unfortunately the privilege of a few. And water really is our biggest healer. If the water structure is whole it tastes better and purifies the body. We can bless water as well.

I have always loved champagne. It tunes my soul and body higher. Anything with bubbles has been my cup of tea. It gives more oxygen ! White wine is lighter, red wine can be heavier. Milk has never been my thing. I think it is quite neutral. Beer is good for the thirst but usually I regret the feeling after. It is very earthy and tires me. Vodka clarifies the mind and for me is an upper as well.

Everything in moderation like the Taoist middle way.

Lets look at exercise. I am a devotee of working with the Qi-energy. It always tunes me and brings me back to the center. It quiets the mind and gives a sense of timelessness. I practice yin and iyengar yoga. For me it is all about alignment. When our body is aligned, the light can shine within.

“Bring divinity into life. Elevate life into divinity. This is true education.”

— B.K.S. Iyengar

And we do vibrate so beautifully ❤

Running for some can be a tuner. For others it may be swimming. I align myself by dipping in the sea. Especially if the sea is fresh or even freezing. The sea water takes away negative vibrations from the mind and body. Even Bob Marley sang about positive vibrations :)

Lets look at dance. It can be elegant, sensual, rough like making love. A few dances really vibrate with my soul: Argentine tango and Tribal fusion, a modern form of belly dance. Tango was originally a martial art. It is like calligraphy in its eloquence. Sufi whirling is a meditation yet it tunes the soul . It brings me home into oneness.

Lets look at music. I adore passionate music. Classical music, jazz, Spanish guitar, flamenco, Fado, tango…All of my children are passionate about music. I am so blessed. They vibrate at a high frequency and are gentle beings. I guess this is why they can hear the mystical call of music. I learn from them daily. Music makes us remember where we came from. Music makes us sing, dance, cry, laugh what not ❤ As a musical instrument is tuned to its potential, so it tunes the listener…

Lets look at bodywork. Much of what I have shared above is from the realm of the 5 senses. I love body work. Our body never lies and is our best teacher. I do shiatsu treatments and just love the space we can create together. It is always a two-way street. I am the tuner and the body is an instrument and vice versa. Clear and simple. I feel rejuvenated after every session. Yoga workshops with pregnant ladies is dealing with so much inner wisdom. Pregnant women are vibrant like the spring full of life. The sacred within.

Lets look at fragrances. My new old inspiration is aromatherapy oils. The pureness of the scent lights up the soul. Smell is our oldest sense and it is often very fine. We can recognize our soul mates by smell. I use Young Living Oils. The moment I smelled one oil, I knew they were pure and full of light. When I am teaching or working, just a little sniff makes me vibrate again. They make my soul sing and dance of bliss.

And coming back home to homeopathy. Working with it for 20 years I can say the following. Homeopathy is the ultimate art of frequencies. It is a precise Sherlock Holmes science. The homeopath tries to humbly see, feel and observe the frequency of the client. And to match it with a similar substance. And often magic happens. Homeopathy at its best tunes the instrument for the highest purposes of his/her existence. With homeopathy I have learned about so many substances, their frequencies and the magic they can do. It is like modern shamanism, shifting states of consciousness…

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“You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop” — Rumi

Mermaid energy over the Mediterranean ❤