I was 15 years old when the documentary film, An Inconvenient Truth, came out. I saw the film the same year and it made me recognize global warming for the first time. It’s been 11 years since Al Gore warned us about the effects of global warming. How far have we come?

Sure, the winters in Finland were getting warmer every year but other than that, I felt like the global warming didn’t really affect me. I was 15 years old, on my way to high school and planning my Rotary Exchange year abroad in Australia.

However, it was autumn 2006 when…

The morning of June the 24th was a beautiful one in Finland. The country had slowed down to celebrate midsummer, one of the most traditional holidays in the Nordics.

During midsummer many Finns leave the cities and travel to the countryside. We had also gathered at our summer house with…

Reetta Heiskanen

Technology, education, world politics. Twitter & Instagram: @reettahei

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