Do not read this

Ironically I’m writing a post why you shouldn’t be reading most of the blog posts, and this article is no exception

Let’s first find out the reasons why someone would write a post at all. I’ve come up with the following list:

  1. Marketing/PR
  2. Show an article to someone as a written argument/give a response to another article
  3. Note/crystallize your own thoughts
  4. Rave about something

And while reading some article might actually help, the one who will benefit most is the author. Have you noticed how similar it is to ads? And who likes ads? ;)

Well, people read blogs, let’s figure out what could possibly be helpful:

  1. Any kind of research, just don’t forget to check underlying methodology
  2. An example of how something worked, but bear in mind that’s an authors experience, for others it’s usually just an extra courage to try yourself
  3. Rave about something. This one is very opinionated, usually written not with a cool head and in a way that consumes your mental energy. Relevant only if it's a result of a long lasted frustration

Anyway, remember that you’re not obliged to read articles to the end, don’t be caught by Stockholm syndrome. Do not read this;)

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