Meet the Advisor: Ralph R.Bauer

Ralph R.Bauer is a years-long champion of factoring business. Starting his career in the industry in early 1980th, Mr.Bauer was a member of the board of the German Factoring association and member of the education committee of IFG (now FCI), and occupied various senior management positions in such prominent organizations as Lloyds TDS, BfG Bank and EUROFACTOR AG. Companies he ran were named “Import Factor of the Year” and “Export Factor of the Year” many times.

Mr.Bauer notes several key advantages of the re:factor over its rivals. ‘First, it will serve markets that other players put no or hardly any focus on. Second, blockchain technology will provide an add on that other companies cannot offer. Third, we all can benefit from different experiences from all over the world. And finally, re:factor will not have the limitations that you would find in a multinational company (politics in headquarter, “protection” of balance sheet, approaches with the wrong cultural approach, just to name a few.)’

Ralph deems himself very lucky, since he can now afford to only work on themes and projects that he fully support and which are of his enjoyment. He likes to spend his free time travelling, reading, cooking and having a glass of good wine.