What am I going to achieve in this life? — Our daily brain conversations have been scripted!

There are moments of our lives only come to boost our energy, give us a reason to keep on learning, and give us hope when nothing is left to do. There are days and months of failure only come to reveal our potential to us, to increase our hunger for winning, and to give us lessons for the crucial tests to come.

There are some situations come to teach us how to letting go and how to holding tight until the victory become ours. There are some rewards fated not to come yet until we get ready for them, until we have these waiting moments pass while biting nails and crossing fingers to be happy about its coming, for real.

Indeed, things which are easy to come, are easy to go as well. Only hard winnings worth celebrating not the easy ones. Nowadays, my heart is at the stake, my future has never been fuzzier, and my fear of tomorrow has never been that much. I have failed myself many times and many others did to me, but somehow I keep pulling myself together, having no clue to know whether it’s because of my beloved ones’ prayers or the strengths, that my friends give to me.

From experience, the harder life gets, the brighter future is written for you to live. So, let it be hard as a castle with 1000 knights and 100 mortars on top of its walls, and only yourself— the crazy — is on the ground barehanded. As long as there’s a goal to reach, a daily effort to spend, and a breath to inhale, tomorrow is possibly going to be yours. Tomorrow is going to be yours!

You know why I wrote this story? To remind myself why I’m doing what I’m doing today — which is probably boring —, and to give you the hope by proving you aren’t the only one who had/has these thoughts.

Your friend in the struggle
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