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Subject: Stop Rolling the Dice, and do Something!

You could never know how much running you would need to reach your goals until you got tested, asked about, spoken to, and assigned tasks to. The very near past I was going through all of that. Sometimes I failed and others I succeeded or nearly did.

I am questioning myself right now for more answers to get than what I already did. Hopefully, I will get more answers to all this mess that I’m experiencing. This process may leave me with a list of (DOs and DON’Ts) in the near future. In both of my personal and professional lives, I’m trying my best to accelerate my steps towards the life I would like to have.

I’m really grateful to all the cliffs I fell from, all the people who turned me down, all the opportunities I missed, and all nightmares I had while thinking about failure and poverty. Being afraid from others judgment on my abilities, made me prefer hiding behind the shadow of others whom were not better than me except for accepting any chance to be in control of things for once — at least. Whether they failed or succeeded, they were the winners not me!

For YOU, the person behind his/her laptop or mobile screen reading these lines. Believe me when I say to you, “imagining yourself good at doing something is a thing, and actually being good at it is another!”.

Don’t leave yourself to the claws of failure eating your confidence and vim inside out over the years. Do something. Stop listening or reading that self-improvement SHIT and MOVE YOUR SORRY-LAZY-BIG-ASS!

Best wishes, 
Not your friend

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