I’m the greatest in the eye of my mirror

I see why some people need to start their day with looking in the mirror while reciting some phrases of feeling no better, being the greatest, and other self development sh** to ignite their enthusiasm. I understand how important to their confidence this activity is, I really do.

But for me, all of that it’s like dealing with yourself as an ugly person who needs someone to tell him/her you’re beautiful to accept his/her look, needs someone to tell him/her how brave he/she is, …how kind he/she is, .. how loving and caring he/she is, ..etc. If this person didn’t find anyone to mention that lie, he might begin to tell himself that.

Telling yourself something won’t change how you feel about yourself, but it may convince you to accept that lie until it becomes the truth to you after forgetting its origin.

I find all of that downgrading from yourself, disrespecting to yourself, and pathetic in general. I admire people who admit to being not the smartest or the most good looking, … and so on. They accept who they are, but that didn’t stop them from working hard to be who they need to be.

See for yourself among your friends who are really the greatest, and I assure you no matter how each one of them might think of themselves, you will see the brilliance, beauty, pureness, and caring inside them while they deny it.

Don’t lie to yourself and don’t let people lie to you about how do they think of you. DO NOT work hard on impressing yourself or the people around you, just work hard until you have no time for caring about the people or your mirror.

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