Sleepless Individual Craving for Knot-undoing — CODE > SICK

Even if you have someone for talking to or hanging out with during your sleepless hours, that person might be sleeping during at the same time you’re trying to get hold of him/her. You will start doing crazy and unnecessary things, like stuffing your stomach with food, playing a stupid game, watch a movie when you can barely open your eyes in the light, or writing a blog post when nobody needs to waste his time reading it.

Insomnia .. why?

From all my random thoughts flashing in my mind right now, I can’t give you a proper answer and I’m not even a psychiatrist to describe what’s happening scientifically, but I can think of only one of two reasons keeping you from sleeping and take some rest before the starting of your next day cycle, which is you have something occupying your mind and your conscious doesn’t approve dropping it out until the morning, or there is nothing important going on in your life and you are trying to find the meaning of your existence.

Either way, they are two faces of the same coin. You are awake only to find the reason for your waking up tomorrow, either on executing a new solution to a problem rocking your whole world or looking forward to a new adventure or a dream coming true.

You will keep fighting your insomnia and turning over countless times in your bed until your unconscious or your fetal exhausting-self putting you into a sleep more like a coma. Your life is hanging at these moments and nothing will stop its glitching and put an end to your long misery minutes cycle around the clock until the sleep kicks in back to your brain, giving you a break from all of that to the next day when you will find yourself again thinking why I’m still up that late.

The loop is recursively annoying and no cure can be found, unless ….!
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