Whoa! A nearly 3 year wait for my probably most anticipated gaming title that being Resident Evil 2 has come to an end.

Lots of surrounding hype with this title so let’s see what this is about!

I will be going in directly as series veteran Leon S. (S. being for savvy. Too cheesy?) Kennedy playing on the hardest difficulty, Hardcore mode. No auto saving. Brutally tough enemies as described in the difficulty selection screen, and probably the most interesting challenge, using ink ribbons to save your game. This is the game’s ingenious mechanic where the player has to pick up ink ribbons scattered throughout their environment to save the game. Sounds like it’s something a masochist like myself would enjoy.

Well, let’s give the game a go!

First Medium post. Let’s go. Not really going to put much effort into logical structure or grammar. Will be saying whatever it is that comes to mind and pushing the publish button thereafter.

This past week, I have been on a crazy self-development sprint. Listening to audiobooks, The James Altucher…

Hello to anyone who might have come across this. My first piece of work on Medium. It won’t be anything super fancy or anything but I figured that this could serve as a launch pad for pieces of work I would like to share. So, yeah. My goal is to ultimately learn to share my thoughts and knowledge in a groovy (too much?) manner. So, yeah. I am going to end it there. I hope I won’t take too long to release my first article (it’s been placed on hold for a few months). Thanks for reading this!!

Ref Digoamaye

Great desire to innovate and remain sanguine. Does not like wearing pants. Prefers to count backward from 10. Mufasa’s ex-bodyguard (RIP).

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