Android 1.2.1 is out

Our latest Android update features a new save experience and an improved design overall. Get it from the Google Play store now:

A new save experience

Save a link from your browser or any app.

1. Click the Share action:

2. Tap Refind

3. Saving…

4. Saved

What’s new?

  • Progress indicator (“Saving…”)
  • Sentence à la “You, Tom, and 17 others saved this link.”
  • Read Soon action: Add to your reading list.
  • More action: add tags, write a response, etc.
  • Appropriate error message if you’re not connected to the internet, not logged in, etc.

An improved design

We’ve improved the design of the app overall. Here are a few screenshots:

Get the new Android app and let us know what you think. Thanks!

PS: iOS is next :)

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