Know when you’re done

A “reading progress indicator” to visualize how many new links you’ve seen.

New for you shows you new links from the people and interests you follow. We’ve now added a “reading progress indicator” telling you:

  • how many of the new links you’ve seen (i.e., scrolled past),
  • when you’re done.

New links can come in anytime and stay “new” for the day. Make it a habit to quickly scan your new links every day.

The blue bar on top visualizes how many of the new links you’ve seen.

P.S. You can find a similar UI element — reading position indicators — on a number of websites, e.g., on articles on or

Reading position indicator on

Reading position indicator on

The idea is quite similar:

  • A reading position indicator visualizes your position on a page: it changes as you scroll up and down. This is especially helpful on long form articles so you know how far you are from finishing an article.
  • Our reading progress indicator shows you how many links you’ve seen, i.e., it increases when you scroll down but doesn’t decrease when you scroll up again. The link is marked as seen and seeing can’t be undone. :)
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