In May 2016, we’ve introduced Read Soon and now use this instead of Pocket. We invite you to give this new approach a try. Continue to save all your interesting links to Refind, and only add the occasional link you actually intend to read to your Read Soon list. If you’re a heavy Pocket or Instapaper user, however, feel free to continue to use the two in tandem, as described below.

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Refind + Pocket

Refind and Pocket are complementary. In fact, we (= makers of Refind) use both in combination. Here’s how we see and use the two.


We see Pocket as a reading list. When we discover an article we intend to read soon, but don’t have the time right now, we save it to Pocket. Pocket supports this use case really well: it downloads the content for offline access and makes it nice to read by cleaning up cluttered pages.

We try not to save too many links to Pocket because a reading list fails at large volumes: it’s simply time-shifting our reading and quickly piles up (Inbox Zero — Instapaper Zero? Pocket Zero?).


Refind is a personal (public) archive of all the links you want to keep. It’s not a reading list — it’s fire and forget — with powerful search and discovery. (If you don’t know Refind yet, read why we’re building it.)

When we find a great link we want to keep and find again, we save it to Refind. That’s a couple of links a day. This can be instead of saving a link to Pocket, or after reading it in Pocket. In any case, all the links we want to keep end up in Refind eventually.

We try to illustrate our flow here

This flow works great for us. If you have a similar flow, you might enjoy Refind’s integration with Pocket.

Connect Pocket to Refind

Sometimes you want to hold on to Pocket links for later. Refind makes it easy to separate saves from your reading list.

Connect Pocket to get the following:

  • Refind periodically fetches new links from your Pocket Archive for review. These links do not get saved automatically. Instead you can choose manually which links you want to save to Refind — to share with your followers and so you’ll find them again when needed.
  • Optionally, you can also let Refind auto-import your favorites (in Pocket Inbox or Archive).
  • Optionally, you can also let Refind auto-import links you tag withrefind” in Pocket Inbox or Archive.

That’s it… Give it a try and please let us know how this works for you. If you use Refind and/or Pocket differently, we’d be curious to hear from you as well: hello@refind.com. Thanks!

Refind helps you make the most of the web. Spend your time on what’s worth your attention. Learn more at: https://refind.com/about

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