RSS/JSON feeds

Build simple integrations

We’ve just added a bunch of RSS/JSON feeds you might want to play with. Obviously, you can add them to your RSS reader, but you can also use them to pull in links into Slack, a bot, a Wordpress widget, etc.

User feeds

A user’s saved links (note: saved links are public), example:

These endpoints accept a few params, example:

  • sort: top or latest
  • days: 1..30 (default: 7)
  • amount: 1..200 (default: 10)
  • since_id: link_save_id > (only for sort=latest)
  • max_id: link_save_id <= (only for sort=latest)


Chris Messina uses this to integrate into his bot. Revue uses this to pull in links for you to choose in your newsletter.

Topic feeds

We also opened up a bunch of topic feeds. Every 24 hours, we’ll publish up to N (currently 3) new, top links per feed.