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A few examples of what people built after we published our RSS/JSON feeds four days ago

Refind is the home for the best links on the web. While you need an invite to sign up, links are public — accessible by anyone on the web. Examples:

One day we felt like building a simple chatbot to learn. Since we don’t have an API yet, the simplest interface (from bot to Refind) turned out to be RSS. So we created RSS feeds for some endpoints, examples:

We needed RSS feeds for ourselves to build the bot, but realized that some of the things people wanted to build could already be done with this simple interface — because RSS/JSON are standards! Thus we’ve just taken the first step towards opening up Refind for others.

Here’s a few things people have done since we published the RSS/JSON feeds four days ago:

For more, visit https://refind.com/developers

Have you built something else? Tell us! hello@refind.com

Long live the open web!
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