Why Read Later fails

And how to read more of what’s really worth your attention

We live in an era of push but we lack ways to deal with it effectively. Every day more links are pushed into our faces than we have time to check out. Read Later is not the right metaphor since it’s only time-shifting the problem. It’s deferral. Deferral fails in the information age because there’s always more information to read later — our reading lists pile up and read later becomes read never.

We invite you to give Refind + Read Soon a try.

Here’s how it works

Discover a great link around the web?

  • Save it to Refind (on your computer or phone).
  • You’ll find it again when you need it (e.g., when you search on Google).
  • We save all great links we stumble upon to Refind, and 90% don’t need to be on a reading list. They’re waiting in our archive for us to be found again when they actually become relevant. The result is a shorter reading list, freeing us time to read what’s really worth our attention now.

Want to actually read a link?

  • For the occasional link you actually intend to read (10% for us), after saving it to Refind, click the Read Soon ⭐️ button to add it to your Soon list (sorted by date).
  • You’ll be reminded next weekend and if you haven’t read it within two weeks, we’ll move it your Someday list (sorted by popularity).
  • This turns out to be a great filter: many of the links we think we want to read soon are not that important after all, and the sorted list gives a great indication of what is really worth our attention.

Here’s how it looks like

On your phone

Save links from any app. Click Read Soon to add them to your reading list.

Access your reading list on the go — on your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

If you don’t have the app yet, download Refind on your phone:



On your computer

Save links to Refind with our extension for Chrome, Safari, or Firefox. After you’ve saved a link, you can add it to your reading list with the ⭐️ icon.
Links will be added to your Read Soon list.

Links you don’t read within two weeks move to your Read Someday list (sorted by popularity).

Once you’ve read a link, click “Mark as read” to remove it from your list.

We’d love to hear from you

This flow works great for us and we’ve significantly increased the quantity and quality of what we read on the web. Please tell us how this works for you — by email (hello@refind.com) or on Twitter @refindcom. Thanks!