By Whizy Kim

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Refinery29 sp to readers about their own struggles with online shopping during COVID-19.

Victoria, 26

“I used to spend roughly £180 a month on non-essentials — toys for my dog, drinks out with friends, etc,” Victoria says. “My spending is similar, but it’s now on stupid things like clothing, skincare, books, and takeout.”

Her most recent impulse buy was £80 of jumpers and other autumnal clothing: “I feel foolish about it now, because my closet is overflowing and I only go into the office a few days a month.”

“I think this is my brain’s futile attempt to force ‘fun’ in a time where there is so little of it,” says Victoria. “I bought four swimsuits this summer even though I live 1,000 miles from the nearest beach. At some point I realised I was just projecting my desires to be in a different situation onto my purchasing habits. I’m trying to curb it and have set a ‘no clothing or home decor’ rule until the end of the year.” …

By Shani Silver

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I’d like to be in a relationship for a lot of reasons. I’d love companionship, I’d enjoy laughing more often, and I’m very interested in someone else disposing of the occasional insect. As much as possible, I prefer to focus on the positive parts of being single, but I’m human, and every now and then I think about the things I don’t have because I don’t have a partner. Most of these things make me sad, but right now I’d like to talk about the only one that makes me angry: Money.

You know how the rent is too damn high? Well it wouldn’t be, if you cut the damn rent in half. At least five times a day, usually when I snag my yoga pants on the raised floorboard nail or cook on the one functioning burner or race down four flights of stairs at every buzzer so the neighbourhood thief doesn’t get to my Amazon package before I can, I’m reminded of just how much bullshit I wouldn’t have to put up with if my rent was £1500 instead of £3000. Who am I kidding, Josh and I (let’s call him Josh) would never have to pay that much rent and we’d still have closets like Mariah Carey’s. …

By Sadhbh O’Sullivan

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If only relationships were as simple as they are in rom-coms. Everyone except you can see your other half is blatantly wrong for you, and the only thing keeping them around is the need for dramatic tension. When you eventually break up, it’s as though you’ve been released into the world to finally Be Yourself, before finding your one true love. Two hours, one big night out and an impulse haircut later and your love life is tidily wrapped up.

But real life isn’t like that and relationships don’t work for a whole world of reasons. The problems that can arise between two people are complicated, often hard to explain, and can go against every instinct of what you want. Maybe they’re the problem, maybe you are. More likely, it’s a combination of the two. But even if you don’t end it until much later, there is always a moment when you realise, quite clearly, that what you have cannot work anymore. …


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