By Jacqueline Kilikita


Touted by experts as a non-negotiable game-changer in skincare, sunscreen has the ability to reduce your risk of skin cancer and sunburn, and prevent skin bugbears such as fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation. Wearing it on a daily basis sounds like a no-brainer but wrapping your head around the different varieties of sunscreen can be a bit of a minefield, especially when it comes to formulas.

If shopping for SPF has left you confused between products which are marketed as ‘chemical’, ‘mineral’, ‘physical’ or all three, you’re not alone. …

By Uyen Luu

It’s officially summer, the days are longer and the heat has got us all moving a little slower, but a vibrant salad can transform your mood and keep you energised throughout the day.

This is why the release of Vietnamese: Simple Vietnamese Food to Cook at Home by Uyen Luu is such perfect timing. As Luu writes in the introduction to her salad section, Vietnamese salads are the opposite of a limp pile of leaves. “Regarded more as treats than some kind of punishment, they are a riot of leaves, herbs, cucumber, noodles, pickles and deliciously cooked…

By Jacqueline Kilikita

Welcome to Beauty In A Tik, where each week we put TikTok’s viral beauty hacks and innovative trends to the test.

Nowhere else is home to quite so many clever hair hacks as TikTok. From DIY curtain bangs and achieving heatless curls overnight to the one-minute messy bun hack and using hair toning drops to transform colour, the app is unrivalled when it comes to hairstyling, transformations and shortcuts.

By Paco De Leon

Q: My partner and I are finally thinking of living together. It’s an exciting decision, but one thing that keeps bothering me is what’s “fair” for affording our joint lifestyle, including everyday bills and expenses, and even what apartment we should live in. I make about $50,000 (£35,122) more than he does, and he seems to be pushing for slightly nicer places, saying that we could afford it based on our combined incomes — and why wouldn’t we want to live in a nicer place? — but I think he also feels that my share of…

By Chante Joseph


At least 17 times a day, whether it’s while taking out the trash, washing the dishes or working to a deadline, I mutter to myself: “I need to marry rich.” I daydream about bumping into my mysterious benefactor at a fancy bar and never having to work again — until I’m rudely awakened by the sound of an email notification pressing me on something I’m late for. …

By Parisa Hashempour

No-makeup makeup caters to those at a cosmetics crossroads. Characterised by dewy, glowing skin, brushed out brows, soft pink cheeks and fluffy lashes, it’s for those who feel naked with a bare face but don’t want to look too ‘done’.

The idea of natural makeup is nothing new. In 2007, beauty vlogger Michelle Phan released one of YouTube’s earliest natural-looking makeup tutorials. But in recent years, no-makeup makeup has become a beauty mainstay, spearheaded by the likes of Meghan Markle and Zoë Kravitz and co-opted by makeup giants such as Glossier and Perricone MD. Encompassing natural nudes…

By Katie Baskerville


Sex and censorship has always been a divisive topic, almost always met with pearl-clutching protest. ‘Think of the children’ attitudes are infiltrating social media feeds and causing a spree of virtuous violence against educators, activists and sex workers. Abortion is no different. Now, pro-choice groups focused on drawing attention to abortion access and empowering their communities are falling victim to conservative policing on one of the largest and fastest-growing social media apps on the market: TikTok.

This censorship is endemic across the app but doesn’t seem to be affecting right-wing groups or, for that matter, pro-lifers. One…

By Sadhbh O’Sullivan


There’s a dominant cultural vision of what a coming out story looks like: a young person (most likely a cis white gay man) sits their parents down and tearfully tells them they are gay/queer. Reactions vary from shock to rage to loving acceptance. But central to this trope is the idea that by coming out, the person has revealed their ‘true’ identity. If they’re lucky, the people they told accept them there and then. If not, well…

Either way, the coming out narrative is a sob story. Queer people endure it in order to emerge, phoenix-like, from…

By Elizabeth Bennett


“Our first date was seven hours,” 37-year-old Haifa tells me. “It was a beautiful spring day and we walked along the river, stopping at a pub for a drink in the sun and then on to a restaurant for pasta. We talked about dreams, dating and our shared love of burrata,” she added. This might sound like the perfect start to a new romantic relationship but Haifa’s afternoon wasn’t with a potential partner — it was with a possible new friend.

Haifa is among the increasing number of women who are searching for new connections via friend-finding…

By Sadhbh O’Sullivan

For as long as I can remember, food has been bound up in my emotions. In normal, healthy ways such as cake on birthdays and family roast dinners but in worrying ways, too.

In the summer holidays, when we didn’t have chocolate in the house I would take that chocolate sauce that hardens as you put it on ice cream and freeze it in a bowl to ease the pre-internet summer boredom. That boredom alleviation blossomed into a dependency. I would sneak into the treats cupboard as a hormonal, insecure teenager and distract myself by eating packets…

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