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Moderators are the representatives of Refine Medium that have the control of entire internal mechanism of the platform. They’re elected democratically through elections on the platform.


All the bounty participants, private sale contributors, people enrolled in the whitelist, contributors pledging 10 ether to platform during the ICO, and Beta version testers are eligible for this position.

Moderator Responsibility

Moderators will:
*Review the content uploaded on the platform.
*Share certain content and expand it’s reach amongst the community members.
*Connect users together so as to make them partners in content creation and let them earn revenue. This will enable the decentralization of platform on a level never seen before as even users will get to make revenue.

Some of the agendas of the moderators in detail:

*For each and every video, there will be a fixed no. of moderators allocated. They’ll all vote and decide a video’s fate on the platform. At least 30% of votes should be given in favor of a video for it to stay on the platform, otherwise it would be removed. If a video doesn’t cross the threshold votes, moderators voting against it will have to state reasons for their choice that will be visible to everyone in the community. This will ensure 100% transperancy.

*There’s concept of Refme (Refer Me) that will handpick the best content and give it the push and reach it deserves through recommendation​s through a dedicated tab made for the same on our webpage. A moderator will be needed for this job because:

  1. A user will only share videos that he wants to, based on his own likes/dislikes.
    2) Creator will only tend to share his own content. For a better level of uniformity, trust, Refine Medium allots moderators for this task that they’ll be needed to perform at least once per week. This will enable a social page where moderators will post their recommendations and users will browse through it as per their genre. It will help resurface the cream from the available videos of the platform. Each moderator will have to post link for a certain video and give reason behind the post.

Moderator Incentive: Moderators will be paid by creators for these recommendations and Refine Tokens will be removed from the creators wallet once he/she reaches the threshold for redeeming it. Once token is ready to be redeemed in Creator’s wallet, moderator will receive his/her share of Refine Tokens and will be deposited in his wallet address.

Collaboration with the help of Moderators

*There are community members who are innovators with the best and the most rawest ideas but due to lack of knowledge about computers, lack of confidence, shyness, their ideas might never be able to reach the public or get to fruition. That’s where Refine Medium moderators will step in. These innovators can state their idea to moderators, who’ll review the content thoroughly, contact the content creator of that specific genre. If creator agrees to partner, both parties will be introduced to each other by moderators. Content will be brought to the public eye (Not before it’s reviewing by moderators). Revenue generated will be equally distributed b/n the innovator and the creator who actually brought the idea to the public. Moderators can handpick the raw ideas and refine them so that they’re good enough for content creation. Users looking for partnerships can get first hand knowledge about as to which genre their content belongs to and which content creator will be most suitable. This service will be provided by moderators.

These moderators, voted through purely Democratic elections are another aspect that sets us apart from other platforms that are pretty similar to us. This democratic election ensures that everyone gets his/her chance to climb up the ladder and add something to their resume. Moderators aim to review and moderate the content created and uploaded on the platform. A democratic process of voting is followed in deciding fate of a video. If something is being voted against, moderators will have to give a reason. This will enable the creator to make further improvements in their content and remove whatever faults are there in it if there are any. It aims to give the best creators the push and reach they deserve through recommendations of the moderators. Moderators occupy a huge position within this whole Refine Medium set-up and their word of mouth will definitely help take the creators to the heights never imagined by him. Also, unlike a lot of platforms, we also aim to give a chance to innovators who’s brains are brimming up with the best ideas, but have lack of knowledge, confidence in their abilities or to bring their ideas into public. We aim to put an end to these barriers, through setting of a mechanism that lets innovators contact with moderators, then creators and partner with him to create content and bring his/her ideas to public. This will also help these innovators gain revenue on which they were missing out earlier.

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