Franchise of veterinary products

In short and easy language if we define Franchise, as a network which should be well flourished with the main motive of starting “Refit animal care”.

There are various products available for animals to ensure that they stay healthy. Coming to our topic we will discuss some veterinary products as mentioned below:

Ø Veterinary Fertility Bolus

The following product is here to ensure that all the fertility factor are being rejuvenate and to bring any particular animal to heat. This particular enhancer is for cattle. In this particular fertility enhancer we can find the complete balanced vitamins and minerals which are required for cattle. To improve the heat cattle can have 1 bolus for a period cycle of 10 days.


This particular liquid is meant for cooling and anti- stress for animals as well as poultry. In more if we talk about it work for rehydration of oral, anti-stress as well as antidiarrhoeal formula especially for cattle, poultry sheep as well as goats. The dosage depends on the kind of animal.

Ø Rumipulse Bolus

This is specially meant for cattle mineral bolus as well as digestive supplement bolus meant for digestion and treating of impaction. If we talk about the benefits number of ruminal microflora increases, toxin present in the rumen gets detoxify and carbohydrates gets convert into glucose and many more. Now talking about the usage, large animals can have 1 bolus twice in a day and small animals can have ½ bolus twice a day.


This is a kind of vitamins meant for cattle and poultry with a complete mixture of Vitamin A, D3, E as well as H which helps in maintaining good health of udder and of course reduces the chance of mastitis. Talking about the benefits which include growth, production of milk gets increased, increases the holding capacity of milk and there are many benefits of this supplements. Usages of cattle can be 10ml per day, chicks can have 5 ml per 100 birds and calves can have 5 ml daily.


This is meant especially for taking care of liver as it’s a liver tonic meant for cattle. If we talk about the benefits it has anti-oxidant, very helpful in regeneration of liver, liver cell synthesis increases and many more. Talking about the usage cows and buffaloes can have 50 ml twice a day and other animals like horses, camels, calves and pigs can take 20–25 ml twice a day and poultry can only have 10ml daily.


Its nutrition especially meant for cattle. Consuming this can have several benefits for cattle like udder becomes healthy and larger, the holding capacity of milk increases, and chance of reoccurrence of mastitis reduces and many more. Talking about the usages cattle and buffalo can have 100gram daily but only the time period of pregnancy.

Thus at last but not the least these were some veterinary products available at wide range with different price tag and can be availed online at indiamart or