Importance and benefits Veterinary Products

Feeding is an important part of raising your animals. It makes up the major cost of good nutrition and production. This is reflected in the performance of bird or animals and its products. Everybody should understand the importance and role of nutrition in animal health profitability and animal productivity.

Animal productivity can be increased means for example a cow may improve milk production without affecting milk composition. These supplements can also improve milk fatty acid profile, pregnancy rates and much more. You can look for animal feed supplements for your animals. These supplements incorporate natural ingredients and offers lots of health benefits.

Veterinary Products play very important role in protecting and maintaining animal health. Here in this guide, we have mentioned some products that can be very helpful, have a look below:


Similarly veterinary fertility bolus is also very important to bring the animals in heat; I mean it is important to rejuvenate all fertility factors of an animal. Some cattle may face Anoestrus. This is the absence of proper heat or estrus cycle. There may be the lots of reasons that may affect heat cycle in cattle that may include hormonal changes, breeding, nutritional and management. The main cause is the nutritional deficiency; it means balanced nutrition is the major fertility factor of cattle. A proper Vitamin and Mineral rich feed may enhance breeding efficiency and growth of cattle. Veterinary boluses can be used to overcome the problem. Many farmers use it as cattle fertility boluses as it is very helpful in improving reproductive efficiency of animals.

· R-BOOSTER: For Maximum Growth and production

You can get these supplements in the form of liquid that helps enhance milk yield in dairy animals by offering high level of energy for maximum production and growth. R-Booster can be very beneficial for animals. It improves blood glucose level and prevents parturition-related disorders and Ketosis.

· Resure: To enhance CONCEPTION RATE

This is very popular product that has gain great respect in market. It helps improve conception rates in livestock animals. It helps improve uterine turgidity, uterine tone, uterine contraction, mobility of ovum and sperms and uterine health.

· RECAL-GEL: Instant Energy Source

This is very good source of ionic calcium. It is used to cure hypocalcaemia. This is highly useful in mastitis (sudden drop in milk production). RECAL-GEL helps enhance milk yield.

· REMILKY FORTE: liquid calcium supplement

It helps enhance milk production and fat percentage. You can find various calcium supplements available in market but you should always look for best quality and affordability.

Similarly Mineral Supplement for Cattle plays very important role in maintaining health of cattle.

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