45 The Kneeling: Poems based on the Qur’an

Bismillah painting by Afshan Ali

“When the hour comes,

you will see every nation kneeling.’

All will acknowledge Allah as the Most High,

the One in Control.

He has created you

and then subjected all that is in the heavens and earth

for your benefit — as a gift;

For Allah is The Bountiful, The Generous.

There is one who has taken

his desire for god

whom Allah allows to stray

in the face of knowledge

while sealing his ears and heart

and covering his eyes.

Indeed, Allah has shut the gates

to Paradise to this person —

no one can guide him

on the Straight Path.

For those of sure faith,

this revelation will provide truth

and guidance.

Allah has provided signs —

look around you,

even in the shifting winds

for those who understand.

Mighty are His works!

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