51 Scattering Winds: Poems based on the Qur’an

Digital painting by Rhads

Look up for His signs —

in the sky

are driven winds

laden with meaning —

winds providing life on earth

winds providing life in the Spirit.

The winds carrying water droplets from the vast oceans

fall on verdant lands,

which moves in rivers and streams

back to its source.

As it is with humans,

created from the One Source

mixed with the dust of the earth,

to return back to the Source

of All Being.

The wind blows as Allah wills,

on earth as it is in heaven.

How can you capture the Spirit?

No more than you can hold a blast of wind in your hand —

Allah ordains all things,

for He is the Lord of Power.

He is the giver of life

and the giver of death;

to those who believe,

the scattering wind brings life,

but for those who ignore His messengers warnings

comes the destroying wind.

Like the ever changing wind’s path

so are your opinions

scattered away from the truth.

Confusion leads the unaware away

from the Straight Path,

so pursue truth from Allah,

and not of conjecture.

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