Intention of the Heart

“Four Women in a Restaurant”

She is talking about another woman from the envy of her dirty heart,

he is proudly discussing his race cars,

two Christian men are having a discussion about the Bible,

she proudly displays her new designer handbag to her friend who exclaims with wonderment.

He is showing off his latest technology,

while she is passing her phone around the table to her friends so they can ooh and aah over her latest telephone cover.

He is comparing guns with his male relatives

and she is planning a shopping trip.

Drinking is the next topic of discussion at the all male table in the restaurant,

another man is excitedly talking about his favorite football team.

The conversations swirl and flow in a consciousness stream revealing His absence. I think of ‘Iraqi’s quote:

“All other than God, is it not vanitas?
All joys fleeting, vanishing?”
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