“God Lives and Sees Me” Hagar painting by Elspeth Young

I had a poetic image in my heart this morning of a poem that begins with darkness and slowly moves into the light. I find my writing is best when I don’t over think and just let the words flow. So, as I began writing this poem I found that without intention on my part, an image of going from darkness to light unfolding on its own into a poem about Hagar being in a place of darkness and lost hope, to the nation of Islam bringing light to the world.

I traveled in the darkness
of wilderness,
languishing from thirst,
let no hope be my hope.
The slave is always cast out,
but the seed of a great nation
grows from her babe’s breast.
Where there was no water
my cry reached the Lord Most High
and He opened my eyes
and there before me
was the well of truth
and I drank
deep waters of truth
traveling through the darkness of time,
until that moment
in eternity
when I drank
to eternity.

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