Oh Jerusalem, O Holy City
how He cried for you in your lostness
in the darkness of your days
and the blood running through your streets — 
You do not see, nor do you understand 
the dove that flies overhead
being readied by Allah for landing
in the courtyards of love’s desire.
What was unrevealed is now being made known
in the eyes of a woman where you did not expect 
Him to be hidden. Oh Jerusalem how she cries for you,
cries from the depths of her heart
for the beauty to come,
she will walk your halls of glory 
filled with wisdom and knowledge
where every knee will bow
and every nation will sing together,
she weeps for your lost, and sings for your hope — 
let His glory sing from the hills of Palestine
let the shepherds come together 
one under His banner of love
and let the angels sigh in love
as the Messiah welcomes her Home.