Look Upon You

“Yazidi Suffering” painting by Ammar Salim — Men were slaughtered, women and children put to work, young women forced to marry fighters or taken as sex slaves. Hundreds are still missing.

It doesn’t matter who is suffering, but when one person suffers by the horrific actions of others, all of humanity suffers. Whether it is the Jews during the Holocaust, or the Palestinians at the hands of Zionists, and so forth and so on…When does it stop? When do we begin to deeply understand our actions of hate are becoming the hands and feet of Satan? The beauty of their humanity is reflected to you by the tears in their eyes. That which Allah made, you will destroy!?


The river that pours
out of my soul
enriched with wisdom and compassion,
can you taste its tears?
Allah breaks the heart
again and again
until it feels others suffering.
Draw near to Him — 
 He will draw near to you
and look upon you
from the eyes
of His suffering servants.

Da’esh (ISIS) Murdered 19 Women and Girls for Refusing “Sexual Jihad”

AlJazeera article: http://www.aljazeera.com/blogs/middleeast/2015/04/remembering-yazidi-suffering-art-150424162910046.html

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