The Beloved

Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash

Shaytan (“Satan” for non-Muslims; the Arabic root for Shaytan means “distancing”), is the Master of disguises and distancing. When humans distance themselves from Allah (The Beloved), the relationship slowly dies and the distancer commits adultery by falling into bed with other lovers (idol worship). This is the same way as our personal romantic relationships. When Allah brings a man and a woman together who are attracted to each other they must continue to move towards one another therefore increasing their love and passion until it is able to come to fruition in the marriage bed. When one person, out of dysfunctionality, begins to distance themselves from the relationship by moving away emotionally and otherwise, then the flames very quickly begin to die down. Just as with our relationship with Allah, it must be a constant movement towards each other for fulfillment to occur. Even though Allah brought a righteous person into someone’s life (for their benefit or to create balance in the relationship), that person may not be placing their complete trust in Allah’s choice for a marriage partner. Without trust in Allah, the distancing person will begin following their own desires to the detriment of their spiritual life.

Allah’s purpose is always blessing, and not suffering in the wilderness of perplexity and bewilderment. If you continually come near to Allah, He will come closer to you — this is why the Sufi’s regard Allah as their Beloved, for the drawing close and distancing nature parallels the romantic relationship. The fire of passion also symbolizes Allah’s Spirit which is the creative force of flourishing, but in it’s opposing force, it is the destructive form which is seen in distancing. This is the fire of burning up all those things that Allah created for our good. Shaytan’s most powerful tool against humanity and Allah is burning up that which Allah brings for our blessing. In order for love to grow, there must be the heart’s bonding and intimacy which is closeness. The alternative is separation and coldness. Also, when we truly know another person in the same way we strive to know Allah by drawing closer, then there is warmth and understanding.

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