The Real (allegory)

She didn’t know quite what she was looking for, but somehow knew if she kept looking for it she would find it and know that’s what she was looking for all along. It was a subtle, indistinguishable feeling; a yearning in her heart, with tears of joy when she thought of it, and sometimes she felt it when she couldn’t help but be filled with love when meeting a suffering brother or sister — it would sing in her soul with the most lovely sound; almost like a twinkle in the eye, but with music.

Her travels took her up high mountain passes, and rocky roads filled with dangers, including highway robbers whose modus operandi was to hide within the darkness of night, and make a weary traveler trip and fall when they least expected a surprise attack. The scars from falling took a long time to heal, but she never gave up hope in finding that illusive “thing” that called her like a silent prayer still heard in the darkness of the heart’s space. Once, when she climbed the highest mountain she could find, she discovered a little decorative box hidden under a bush. She opened it slowly, and magically the sweetest smelling perfume wafted out of the box causing her to recall every event in her life when she felt truly loved. She sat down and thought and thought about this, and what it meant. It was a gift of the heart — the heart of Love. For if she felt good, beautiful and wonderful inside every time someone showed her love, shouldn’t she be doing the same for others so they could experience the same feelings in their hearts? She suddenly understood that she had stepped closer to the “thing” she was looking for — but now she perceived her journey was not taking her to a physical location, but was pulling her to a separate reality from the physical world, and she was most certain if she was aware and paid attention, she would reach the illusive hidden destination.

She traveled on until she came to a river, and it was there she heard a little girl crying for help who was drowning. She didn’t hesitate and threw herself into the raging torrent to reach the girl. The girl managed to grasp her hand and so she pulled her to safety by grabbing large boulders sticking out of the river until she reached the shore. The little girl smiled at her with relief, and just when she was going to ask how she could get her back to her parents, the girl said, “I am you,” and disappeared. So, she sat down to contemplate this strange occurrence, and subsequently came to the realization that those times when she had lost hope there was no hand to grab, but each time it happened she would feel peace descend upon her like a blanket filled with her lost dreams revitalizing her again until she was able to reach solid ground. There was something about the Peace that she knew was another clue in finding the hidden treasure. Was she supposed to be the Compassionate hand to save others?

She went on until she came to a small cottage. She was hungry and had no food, so was hoping she would be offered hospitality. A woman answered the door, while greeting her warmly and offered her a seat at her table which was laden with food and drink. She wondered at the abundance of food because the woman was the only person who appeared to live in the cottage. She asked the woman why she had prepared so much food, and the woman looked at her with the most beautiful blue twinkling eyes, and said, “I am Beneficent and Generosity.” She was so full of food, she fell into a deep sleep, and when she awoke she found herself in a golden meadow surrounded by tall trees. What just happened? Intuitively she knew her heart had changed — she somehow felt lighter as if she could skip down the road with gladness for miles and miles.

She came to a town, and found a pump to draw water. However, an angry man came out of a store and asked what she was doing. He yelled at her that the pump was his, and no one was allowed to drink the water accept for him. She quickly apologized to him with a smile, and as he angrily looked into her eyes, something caused him to pause and look again and again. She saw shame come over his face like a slow blush, and perceived his eyes gentle softening. She started to walk away, but he called her back and drew the water for her himself. He offered her a place to stay for the night, and brought her to his house to meet his wife who took her to the most lovely, comfortable looking bedroom she had ever seen. She slept so deeply, and had a dream with a kind spirit who kept telling her to look, look again. She realized the man was angry and mean because he had never been shown mercy. So he was merciless to everyone around him. She felt because her heart was changing, the condition of her heart was showing through her eyes. When she looked at the angry man, he saw Mercy, and for the first time in his life, was able to show mercy to someone else.

As her heart was changing, so were her perceptions. She understood things better, and intuited things with clarity and Wisdom. She was “knowing” instead of just “seeing.” Mmmm…this must be the invisible path, and as it is hidden, one must look deeper to find it. Whoever was guiding her was teaching her this hidden way — was she going to find the Teacher at the end of the path? As she traveled on she experienced new miraculous teaching moments as before, until while traveling on a sunlit road she came up over a hill and saw the most majestic castle with golden light streaming from its windows. As she came within the light, she almost floated and could sense that all the things she learned was emanating from the light all at once. She couldn’t describe it with words, but sensed all the words at once. Where was she? The door to the castle slowly opened, and she intuited a feeling of welcome. As she went through the door into the light, she fully understood she had found that which she was looking for all of her life. She also understood that her heart was reflecting light to the beautiful Light she was enfolded in, and she knew it was all one light, but with many Names. She knew, as she began crying tears of joy, that as she was learning, she was being transformed inside to become just like the Light that had been calling her — that she was always meant to be a part of that Light, because the Real part of herself, the self that encompassed her entire being was destined towards the Light. Her purpose in life was one with the Light, and she knew without any doubt that she was now supposed to travel on, not as a seeker, but as a teacher. She knew that others would be drawn to her as she was drawn to the Light, and it was her loving responsibility to bring them safely to the Castle so that they could discover their true everlasting Home.

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