To Him I Turn

“Alone” by Graehawk on Pixabay

The sobs in the night pleading
the heart broken over too many mistakes
“I am not worthy of you Allah,”
not understanding why He would choose
an imperfect broken woman for His calling.
He holds my face tenderly 
telling me “Look up, always look up
to the only One who understands you.”

“I am using your mistakes to teach you,
for your mistakes are only as soft clay in My Hands
to form you in humility, love, and compassion.
Let me guide you on the path 
of your heart’s desire for My purpose.”

Allah the All-Forgiving, the All-Merciful 
holds my tender heart in His loving Hands,
He determines my path step by step,
it is only to Him I turn in the darkest nights
for He lifts me back up into the light,
where sorrow and pain 
are transformed into joy and laughter.

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