Way of Love (Ghazal)

Lovers painting

Wave crash — lovers push, then retreat, lies the way of love.
Do you yearn for me tonight? Oh, arise the way of love.

It is to you my thoughts linger in love, but passion waits
fulfillment’s touch out of grasp in time, flies the way of love.

Beloved, imagine my soft kisses, tender yet wise,
awake my senses in time for you, cries the way of love.

The mystery of God’s purpose binds our souls together — 
it is a shortened tether that implies the way of love.

It is your embrace my heart aches for — long unsatisfied,
shifting sands of timeless time, afar sighs the way of love.

From the West to the East in disparate time and places
in the language of hope and passion lies the way of love.

I, prophet, will travel to an ancient place —a true home,
for there awaits the hidden bower, tries the way of love.

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