No More Mr. Nice Guy
Charlie Ambler

Perhaps you’re a westerner hoping to pillage through westerner viewpoints in order to gain favor of an eastern mindset?

Now that I have your attention: Kindness is a real thing. Knowing oneself is a real thing. In terms of a realistic equality, we are all trying to figure out our best route in life so that the person itself benefits and can provide (support: tangible or intangible) to those around them. In my thoughts, the human shell is attempting to find a rewarding peace in itself and those they choose around them. If peace exists, is that enough? Some people find this peace in religion. Some find it in science. Who are we to direct the human which path best suits them? There are systems of viewpoints that exists that humans decide for themselves (western thinking, or eastern, fundamentalist, or catholic, etc.)

I appreciate your spreading awareness to issues that are causing more stirrup in the world. Certainly, some folks spread mysticism and translate it in viewpoints that do not make logical sense. However, if a human with a logical (and kind) mind can sense this, what would be the best action to bring that bastardization to light? To present my viewpoint — Ever notice that there were many forms of hominids at least 1.8 Ma (e.g. homo erectus)? Why, in present day, are we the only species that exist? What does this say about our own species? I say we are an aggressive kind. Those who can succeed at spreading kindness, be it present or absent in their awareness, are shrouding/blessing/blanketing (or whatever word best describes the perspective) world so X person feels a minute of belonging. That’s golden.

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