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Incentivised testnets have been one of the significant innovations in the crypto space. Cosmos led the way with Game of Stakes, and since then, it’s become a core activity for bootstrapping new networks.

Incentivized testnets are powerful in many ways. They enable validators to build up the skills they need to deploy, upgrade, and maintain the new network. But more than that, testnets help the validators learn how to operate as a community, where they work together to solve problems and make the network more robust. …

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Kyle & Tushar by erin mckenna on Unsplash


When Kyle Samani first arrived on the crypto scene many were sceptical of this entrepreneur-turned-hedge-fund-manager. Kyle’s unique Crypto Twitter style made him hard to ignore. He would often throw out difficult to answer questions or make provocative statements of “fact”, which seemed designed to trigger the crypto idealists. In the process the community would fight out the ideas, and everyone gained more insight into the issues. Twitter became his crowd-sourced research tool. Later Multicoin built out a great research team to augment the crowd-sourced research, which lead to great insights we can see in their published research.

Since then, Kyle and Tushar have proved to be two of the hardest working fund managers in crypto. Their research has been excellent. Their focus on real business value and on identifying genuine customer needs has been a welcome relief in a sea of idealistic visions. Their deep strategic analysis of how this plays out has been second to none. So it was with great pleasure that we sat down with Kyle to explore the Multicoin mega theses on our podcast. Below are my five key takeaways. …

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Humanity’s strive for economic growth fueled by carbon-based energy sources has led to the warmest 5-year period on record according to a recent report by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). Our planet’s atmosphere is reaching record high greenhouse gas concentrations and there are no signs of these trends slowing down. It’s becoming clear that major actions are required to avoid an impending crisis.

There are many theories regarding the best way to deliver peaceful social and political change. Most can be grouped into one of the following categories:

  • Petitioners: march / lobby / strike for change. Assumption: governments hold all the power, change can only happen through law reform. …


Brendan Dillon

Strategy & Bus. Dev @ChorusOne

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