Lord Kek, the ruler of Kekistan has brought you the most advanced keknology to bring freedom among degenerates. Use it wisely.

Read further to fully understand more about our Tokenomics & what Lord Kek has prepared for SafePEPE.

How can you earn Muniez with $SAPE?

  1. Hold
  2. Kek
  3. Yes
  4. Tell a fren

Yes, this means your Balance will increase just by holding $SAPE. This has first been invented by RFI (Reflect Finance) based on a modification of rebasing logics. Special thanks to Morpheus for that, Lord Kek has seen great use in this.

So how does this token work?

  • Each transaction has 10% transaction fees which will be splitted among holders in real time.
  • 50% of generated fees will be injected into the Liquidity Pool, letting it grow with time. Unlike others, Lord Kek has a great sense in financial matters and knows how to efficiently make use of Liqudity. Examples of such are redistribution of LP to holders/stakers or simply create a Governance owned community Vault out of that.

Okay, Kek is juice but what‘s different here?

We‘re closely working with NFT OG‘s from Ethereum together to bring you the best quality in terms of NFT‘s.

Lord Kek‘s ears hear everything. Rumors about high quality NFT markets on BSC being developed at current time could be true and we could dominate the NFT Market.

Lord Kek aims for true decentralisation and to shift this into a 100% Governance ecosystem is a long term plan.

Next Steps?!????!!??!??

Lord Kek is calling for every degenerate, memelord, edgeking and virgin to cum join the world of Marketing!

Memes, Pics, Intros, Degenerate Stickers we need it all.

Tell a fren, your fren tell his fren. Bag will grow exponentially. Frenception.

Disclaimer: Lord Kek is NOT responsible for any brain, heart or cockdamage due to heavy overdose of cokain and hookers.

See you on the next article, fren.

Automatic Yield Farm x NFT’s x BSC protocol.

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