The Launch of Refract Solutions

Refract Solutions
Oct 15, 2019 · 2 min read

verb [ T ] US/rɪˈfrækt/

physics to change the direction of light, sound, heat, or other energy as it travels across or through something

Refract Solutions established to offer institutional-grade services across all phases of the digital asset lifecycle.

15th October 2019: To meet the growing demand from institutions for blockchain-based asset issuance, treasury management, and trading a new group has formed offering mission critical services: Refract Solutions (“Refract”)

Digital assets bring the promise of interoperable, transparent, and automated markets but no platform to date has been able to seamlessly connect all aspects of the market from primary issuance to secondary trading. By linking asset tokenization to underlying custody, cash settlement, and market liquidity Refract Solutions is delivering the best-in-class offering available to the blockchain industry and beyond.

Formed by the serial entrepreneurs originally behind crowdfunding platform Katalyse and licensed exchange CEZEX, Refract Solutions is honing its focus on digital securities offerings including equity, bonds, derivatives, and beyond. These services are enabled by a suite of strong banking, custodial, and regulatory partnerships that enable Refract to sponsor asset issuers for subsequent secondary market listing.

Refract Solutions is composed of three seamlessly linked platforms:

  • Lens Tokenization: Enables issuers of digital securities simplicity in investor onboarding, encoding logic into token smart contracts, ongoing administration and compliance, and more.
  • Prism Financial: Delivers secure custody, lending, liquidity, and cash settlement solutions through a simple and easy-to-use interface designed for enterprise.
  • Lucent Exchange: Asia’s first fully licensed and regulated exchange for trading of digital securities including stocks, bonds, and derivatives

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Refract Solutions

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