A Note on Language: When writing this piece, I went back on forth on who I was writing this for. …

A short note on VP Biden’s Anti- Trafficking Statement

On July 31 the Biden campaign released a statement to mark the eighth annual World Day Against Trafficking in Persons. The day is a global renewal of the commitment to ending the violent exploitation of workers around the world. …

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Pictured: Police Tape; Image was used in a report on trafficking from Seattle

by Kate D’Adamo

Despite a transformative moment which Angela Davis described as holding “possibilities for change we have never before experienced,” the anti-trafficking community has been largely silent on the blossoming conversation on police brutality and its entrenchment in anti-Blackness.(1) …


Reframe Health and Justice

A collective of individuals dedicated to reframing the sociopolitical paradigms through which we understand race, gender, health, and justice.

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