Top 8 Automation Engineer Job Interview Question with Answers

Are you seeking for career as an Automation Engineer or in other tech-related fields? If yes, then you must know these questions you have to prepare for your interview.

1. What is Flow Control?

Flow Control also known optimized production technology, emphases on flow of material by the process of production. It’s idea focus on bottlenecks. Like if a company’s owner is applying flow control, he will not going to purchase a machine able to generate 2000 units per hour if their supply is 1000 units per hour. Observe systems and conclude where the lowermost flow has experienced, then resolve it and ensure its full capacity operation and function. Where there is full productivity is needed, Flow Control applies great.

2. Do you know something about Material Requirement Planning?

A given amount of finished goods required a proper amount of raw materials and parts. Material requirement planning is a control system of inventory, scheduling, and production planning utilized to manage production planning procedure. Usually MPR systems are software-based, although it’s possible to done MPR by means of hands. MPR is effective if the output quantities are identified. Activities like forecasting demand and computer tracking inventory are MPR activities.

3. Can you define Just-in-Time?

Just-in-Time also called lean manufacturing is a phenomenon of decreasing production-flow time and response times of suppliers and clients. It also revolves around constant decrease in waste (scrap and time). The thing which interferes with output efficiency is waste, so considered as a foe within JIT systems. The technique increases flow of cash and sales margins.

4. What experience have you gained in the field of automation?

You must have more or less experience in automation, if you are applying for this rank. But if you are switching your career and your previous career is so different, you need a little creativity here, to matchup the required experience with yours. Like in case, show how the customer service skills can be applied to that position.

5. Tell me about any idea you have given, implemented in automation field?

Here the focus is the expression on ‘implemented’. Though having a millions of great ideas is not bad, but if they live in only in your mind or your notepad, they are useless. If your past organization, you worked for, adopted your idea and gone bankrupt, that wouldn’t be a good instance. Get ready with a story of an idea given by you attached with a success story.

6. What are your greatest strengths?

This question is a key question of all interviews. It will help you to polish your qualification to the needs of employer. For answering this you have to:

a) Identify the ability which you are good at, i.e. Experience; Knowledge; Skills; Capabilities.

b) Make a list of strong point in your mind.

c) Review carefully the recruitment requirements, to know that exactly the employer wants.

d) Prepare a list of and explain your strong points in cover letter or resume.

e) Make influential answers of possible employers’ questions as well as evidence of those answers.

7. What are your weaknesses?

This is quit puzzling question. If you say you don’t possess any weakness than surely you are lying. People usually will suggest you to tell your positive characteristic masked as a flaw, like ‘I see myself as a perfectionist’ or ‘I expect everyone to be as perfect as me’. But I would recommend you to be honest to a certain level and talk about your weakness and what have you done to overcome it. This is just to know that how you will evaluate and perceive yourself.

8. Why should we hire/employ you?

The questions like, ‘what can you bring to the organization’, ‘give us reasons for hiring you’, etc. are the some questions which differentiate the best candidate out of good ones. Consider yourself as a product and why should anyone will going to buy?

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