Families who didn’t choose to live separate

When physical distance perpetuates through time, missing begins to hurt, the worries accentuate and the problems get bigger, it is then when bondings tremble and emotions lock themselves in the depths of a remote chest and through a screen which only lies.

They still see each other every day, through pixels that mask their realities. They still smile in front of a low quality cam that hides an inner rain with an opaque sheet and non-sincere answers to banal questions. Communication falls apart, feelings camouflage, love becomes in the thread that stands everything.

Families who didn’t choose to live separate, and who no longer bare with living without the warmth of their beloveds. An enormous tenderness that breaks down as days go by without being able to avoid it, barely noticing it.

Only the opportunity to uncover your heart before the ones you love the most, some seconds to open the lock and let all your feelings flow, is enough to heal those inner wounds. The most sincere words they exchanged lately, the best present in these never ending months of absence in order to alleviate the pain that accumulates.

We can’t make them meet again, but we can make them connect again, building new bonds, enhanced with the sincerity they lost without realising.

Refugeless want to remark the importance of those happy moments, of human warmth despite distance, of unbreakable love that smash any kind of border. Refugeless wants to present them a new heartbeat, full of sincerity and strength to keep on with this struggle, which seem to never end.

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