You can’t unring the bell

This is part of my lessons learned series

There are things that are said or done that cannot be undone no matter how hard you may want them to be.

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A few weeks ago my friend and I were discussing growth, getting older and the decisions we have made with our lives. He mentioned to me that ‘You can’t unring the bell.’ I took what he said to mean that once I knew something, there was no turning back to not knowing it. And that a choice would be made to try and quiet the reverberating ring of the bell or to make another choice.

Many of us have the feeling of wanting to do more with our lives, once that voice has risen within us, we may just keep it quiet but it is always there. I would never attempt to speak on behalf of anyone else because I don’t know what they may feel but I can speak for myself and know that there have been somethings that I have wanted to do and the voice inside my head just got louder and louder. Would I do something about it or would I continue to let the bell continue to ring?

In fall of 2004, I was engaged to be married to a man I did not know very well and as it turned out we were not right for each other. At the time I was finishing up my MBA and had plans of moving into a career in marketing. The relationship ended and as my life was in a place of disarray a voice which had been quieted for a long time was starting to get louder. The voice in my head said, ‘Move to New York and pursue fashion.’

My ex fiance’s sister had attended Parsons The New School for Design and the seed of thought had been planted without me knowing it. I decided to apply to Parsons and if I got in that I would figure out a way to move to NY.

In Spring of 2005 I was accepted into Parson and a life long dream had begun. The voice was silenced and things started to fall into place. I was accepted into Parsons, I got a partial scholarship which helped me pay for school. A dear friend offered for me to stay with her when I first moved to New York and I was able to land a job near by school within my first two months of moving to NY. It was not easy but it felt right.

After Parsons, I went on to pursue a career as a Fashion Designer and was blessed to work as one for 2 years. Design has always been the love of my life and continues to be now in the digital arena.

Here I am 11 years later and I am happy to report that the key for me has been observation of myself and a listening to that voice.

Once you know something and you listen to that voice, there is no going back to the way things used to be. Although you may live your day-to-day life in the same way, ‘You can’t unring the bell.’

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