Do not know you for now waking grass fresh meat, there is no aesthetic feeling tired it! In the present era of the male hormones are scarce, the boys to want to let oneself looks more Mans, the best method is a change in a European style of men’s hair the, following several good!


Pushing the hair on both sides of the flat, bangs combed back the back of a big head, prominent model of three-dimensional facial features and deep eyes, very fresh and handsome.


This is the comb back the temples, hair cut short, and the head of hair all the back right comb, slightly messy, more show casual chic.


Also pushed flat temples, and head of hair bobbed to the rear micro roll stand, as a model for the masculine handsome add a cute, slightly astringent.
 Temples hair smooth, 19 bangs with pomade to side with the rear fixed to live, handsome and mature among with feeling bad unruly.


The same is side push, and crown hair messy curls, a strong sense of fashion.
 Liu 19, Shuangbin push back, turn big bangs more add a few handsome, prominent models aquiline nose and deep eyes.
 Shuangbin hair comb, head hair back Weijuan, hair fluffy type. Suit to go to work or to attend a conference banquet is to do the hair style.
 The same Shuangbin pushed flat cut, back hair, a full forehead, prominent sharp eyes. Is a suitable for the daily life of hair, easy to take care of.
 This style is more suitable for the charm of the uncle, highlighting the sense of the vicissitudes of men and decadent feeling.


Will be a combination of retro and strong male charm, it has become the nine styles of different styles of fashion hair, taking advantage of these hair style is not bad to try it!

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