Most people to go to the barber’s only thought of to what kind of hair cut, and didn’t want to know how and barber for effective communication, to know which determines you cut after the success of Oh, this is also a lot of friends cut with one of the reasons. I don’t blame the barber.


Why I can not do just cut out the effect? Why use the same hair stylist, cut out for others is very handsome, it is my turn to ugly to die? Background readers complain to complainers, to obtain a fine hair, remember next haircut don’t silent or sleepy, some things should do do it.
 What to wear is very important
 To Haircut as much as possible to wear clothes is very important! Many people don’t want to touch a body hair, haircut all wear very casual, this really easy, but also let a hair stylist to ignore your style and cut a nondescript hairstyle. If you usually is the dress, so tie-in delicate, docile oil first very spirit; if you go the route of the influx of people, wearing is sense of design, hair can not be off the chain, coloring or perm too much.
 The chat or have to chat


Initial barber and the other side chat is a must, so that the barber to understand your career, like to help the barber on the basis of your requirements with the feeling to add their own design elements. Discuss the hair length, including before and after the hair length, especially the hair, let the barber told you the final length after the cut, and in both wet and dry conditions in length. After the hair on the issue of the basic agreement, ask the barber this hair style can do at home to take care of themselves. It is best to save time and is not very difficult.
 Don’t say empty words


“I want to have the temperament style” this words said and did not say, the hairdresser you must Yanzhiyouwu: “hair short, about 3 cm in length, push up on both sides of the middle thin.” See it, say what you want directly, he can get to your ideas, and refer to your opinion.
 Star hair can only refer to
 And the person all know, barber’s idea and our own seems to be on a planet, we would like to express the meaning to where he might become another way, so a picture of a model is necessary. This figure at hand will close the straight line between you and the barber, let you get out of the barber shop, it will not be too exaggerated. You can take a picture of Daniel Wu or other male star to a hair stylist reference, but do not think, after all, you are not Daniel Wu, hair stylist can not make you look exactly the same.

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