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7 easy tips for growing long hair

Looking for tips to grow your hair long? Here are some simple tips to help your hair grow faster. I was stuck with shoulder length hair for years until recently, I followed these simple rules that made my hair grow finally. Long hair is difficult to achieve these days since we are surrounded by hair dyes, styling tools hot and the temptation to cut their hair short to follow the fashion trends. The good news is that long hair is always healthy inch mid-length hair back, waist or classic, whatever your goal, take a look at the tips to help you grow your hair longer and faster.1 Cut the damaged hair, trim and Micro-trimStart with a new haircut if you have damaged hair ends and split. Long hair is enough that if it looks the heat styling healthy.If you bleach or dye you probably damage hair.Remember to cut your hair from time to time. Micro-cutting will help you get rid of pin ends without losing the hair length. Find a good hairdresser who understands your desire to grow your hair longer and will not cut your ends more than you want to.Apply the search and destroy method. Sit in a place clear of the room and search for split ends. Snip the hair just above the slot with a pair of cutting scissors.If you see split ends many consider getting a trim at the saloon.2 Baby your extremitiesDo not wait until your split. Take care of your tips to keep your hair damage free. Break and split end makes you think your hair, it does not grow. Hair grows at the root, but if you break the ends will not win length.Use moisturizing products to hydrate your ends.Apply a small amount of oil or serum on the ends every day. Try different oils and see what works best for your hair. Coconut oil is known to keep hair healthy ends.3 Shampoo goes on the scalpApply the shampoo to the scalp only. It is not necessary to shampoo all hair because when you rinse it reaches the ends anyway.Most shampoos are too harsh to be used on the hair. Imagine a dress wash every other day for five years. SLS is a corrosive detergent to be used for all hair wash.You can try an sodium lauryl sulfate free hair shampoo.Everyone the different. If your hair like shampoo you it is not necessary to change it.I like my hair better since I switched to sulfate free.4 Hair Conditioner UseOne could say air conditioner should be used only at the ends. Some people apply from roots down.I know the roots and the top of the hair is healthy and it is not necessary to use conditioner but it is good to avoid. You can apply a light conditioner once a month throughout the hair.I use a silicone free when I apply conditioner to the roots down.Experiment to know what your hair likes: silicone or silicone-free conditioner. You can even try co-washing.5 Updos protective clothingWear your hair in place to protect the ends while growing your hair.Look for accessories without damage, such as spin pins, forks, hair sticks, bun makers.Buns are a great way to keep your hair protected. Find tutorials if you’re not good with

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