Hair is a female head of a landscape, especially the free flowing long hair is cute, but it care than short hair to elaborate much more complex. In order to keep the hair black and bright, natural ups and downs, smooth lines of the texture, shape the image of pure and simple, take care of the hair.

In particular, finishing the long haired girl may make five small mistakes, so that everyone can have a good hair and beautiful long hair styling!

1, don’t comb when dry hair:


Whether you use how much hair conditioner, hair dry after easily knotted together, it is recommended in the shampoo out hair element, when my hair is wet tooth is wide comb from front to back comb can shun.

  • 2, the next day not only disposable shampoo shampoo:

The next day, do not wash the hair contaminated grease dust, the direct use of disposable shampoo will make hair roots jam, make the hair more unhealthy!

Dry cleaning is the biggest advantage is simple and convenient, so that the fat flat collapse of the hair instantly become fluffy, but not often used!

  • 3, sports do not tie a pony tail:

Use of hair clips or tied braid will be more suitable for sports than tied pony tail, pay attention to the hair tied too tight, avoid excessive pull the scalp, causing hair follicles and the surrounding skin becomes loose, causing “traction” hair loss.

  • 4, hair before the first with the type liquid:

Hair should be preceded by light let the hair fluffy hair products, manufacturing abundance effect, then spray to fixed shape.

  • 5, plug the hair inside the coat:

Cold weather, many girls wear the coat, turtleneck sweater and scarf, and the hair on the inside, to the hair damage.

It is best to wear a hair comb along the outside, or tie a loose braid will be better oh!

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