What is the difference between the hairstyle showing the forehead and the other hairstyles? Braid a hairstyle,you should first to understand, of course, is the appearance of this hairstyle you like it or not. Then when hairstyle matching you and what changes to make? Today recommend six hairstyle models showing forehead.

  • Ladies style long hair shawl

How to take care of beautiful supple hair more good-looking?Go learning fashion ladies, tied to a wide belt, forehead no bangs, the beauty of pure and fresh temperament filling.

  • High Korean ponytail exposing forehead

Small black suit, black natural hair color, exposed forehead girl firm hair, tied up hair ponytail let a person look very elegant, no bangs hair can show the generous temperament, this exposed forehead high firm ponytail is no exception.

  • High bun hairstyle exposing forehead

No bangs high bun hairstyle,the hair is more beautiful, but also a very significant fluffy comb in the position of the head, tall hair is very soft, but are able to show the hair of the gas field. The girls exposed forehead hair, then tie fluffy hair, will not let the below exposed forehead hair is empty.

  • The side braid exposing forehead

When divided the hair at the middle,rope the fluffy hair to the back of the head, using a series of the side effect, side comb braided hairstyle to show temperament, show the hair tail to stay slim, engendering from beginning to end one of the arc is style.

  • Exposed forehead oblique bangs home hairstyle

This hairstyle hair full of personality, oblique bangs home updo and made high quaffed effect, oblique bangs the partial, hair tail more finely comb down, the upper hair is simple and elegant styles, high updo hair, made bow is not very noticeable characteristics?

  • Short buckle haiestyle expossing forehead

When the woman with short hair combs her hair, style is very important. The buckle updo hair, hair tail lightly in the back of the head, with small hairpin fixed, or directly to hair do oil head effect, compact updo hair side comb is good.

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